Liam Casey

Senior Patent Engineer

Liam Casey is Senior Patent Engineer at Hilco IP Merchant Banking and has more than 30 years’ experience in telecommunications R&D, most recently as a patent engineer at Marquis Technologies and as the most senior IP technology consultant for Rockstar. Mr. Casey’s duties at Rockstar included reviewing patents for licensing and prosecution, performing reverse engineering, and creating and defending claim charts. Mr. Casey had a wide-ranging 28-year technical career with Bell Northern Research (BNR), subsequently incorporated into Nortel. He started at BNR as a real-time programmer, working on distributed operating systems and file systems. This work led his first involvements with LAN and MAN standards groups and subsequently to training as a systems architect for telephony systems. After a period of research in such topics as neural networks and multi-processing, Mr. Casey returned to industry as a telecommunications architect at increasingly senior levels. In his most senior role at Nortel, as Chief Architect of Portfolio Integration, Mr. Casey’s responsibility was to architect solutions that would unite all of Nortel’s products: data and telephony, wireline and wireless, service provider and enterprise. By this time, his in-depth expertise ranged from wireless LAN, DOCSIS and photonic transport, through ATM, IP, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet networking, to 3GPP IMS, video delivery and SOA architectures, covering protocols, performance, and security.

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