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What Sets Hilco IP Merchant Banking apart from other IP merchant banking companies providing advisory, management and monetization of IP investments?

In IP investment the single critical differentiator that sets Hilco IP Merchant Banking apart from our competitors is our multifaceted best-in-class team of professionals. Our team includes some of the IP investment and advisory industry's most well-respected and capable experts and includes unique strengths in technical, business, financial and legal spheres. Their highly professional approach to customer service and proven ability to deliver measurable results in all facets of IP analysis, investment and management is unique in the industry.

Hilco IP Merchant Banking prides itself on providing a comprehensive offering of IP investment services.

Our knowledge of trading strategies, IP finance, monetization and capital solutions pertaining to patents across technologies enables us to provide a complete array of IP investment tools and services to our clients including:

  • Business, Financial, Technical and Litigation Advisory Services
  • IP Asset Management
  • IP Monetization
  • IP Investment

Our professional and integrated approach to IP investment and assets ensures that you will receive a fully customized advisory product based around your unique situation and financial goals.

Hilco IP Merchant Banking stands out from its competitors by going beyond traditional IP investment services to exceed expectations while delivering results.

Profitably navigating the IP industry requires the right strategies and advisory provided by well informed IP investment experts at crucial moments in an ever-changing market. At Hilco IP Merchant Banking, we provide exactly that. Our clients experience the benefits that come with exclusive access to experienced industry leaders as well as the latest data on market trends and the most current IP investment and management strategies.

Hilco IP Merchant Banking is focused on providing advisory services and monetization strategies to IP owners.

Hilco Global can accredit 80% of its profits to proprietary investing in the asset classes covered by its operating subsidiaries, which is great news for both IP owners and investment communities. Hilco IP Merchant Banking is currently seeking:

  • An investment in its LLC
  • A seed investment in one of its investment funds
  • Target investment amounts within the $100 million to $150 million range

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